Alternate History Books for Christmas Gift Ideas

Alternate history books for Christmas gifts: The Boleyn Trilogy

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Many history fans love the “what ifs” throughout the past. What if Anne Boleyn was never executed? What if Richard III never made his nephews and nieces illegitimate? There are just so many.

While we can imagine different pasts, there are some great alternate history books already out there. These can make great Christmas gift ideas for history fans. I’m sharing two of my favorites to help you choose some for your history lover family members and friends.

The Boleyn Trilogy by Laura Andersen

The Boleyn King is just the first book in the Boleyn Trilogy, which takes readers through the world of what if Anne Boleyn had a son. William Tudor finds himself as the 17-year-old Henry IX, forced by boundaries set by his regency. Throughout the novels, though, he comes into his own power and finds himself in an unknown love triangle.

The novels also feature the young Princess Elizabeth, never made illegitimate because her father never executed her mother. She still meets Lord Robert Dudley, but things are very different for the two.

While the Amazon listing recommends the trilogy for Phillipa Gregory lovers, I don’t agree. I’m not a Phillipa Gregory lover, but absolutely loved the books. I know many others who have found joy in this alternate world. The best thing is that historical inaccuracies can happen because things could have changed had William been born. Andersen definitely takes creative control, manipulating history to suit her needs.

There are mixed reviews on Amazon. Some people prefer a mix of historical accuracy and fiction, but that’s not what you’ll get from this.

From the Ashes by Sandra Saidak

What would have happened if Germany won World War II? That’s something Sandra Saidak looks into with her novel From the Ashes. She takes a trip two generations after the war, as a young

Alternate History Books for Christmas Gift Ideas: From the Ashes

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student finds a number of artefacts from the Jews, a now dead race.

The “paradise” that was promised isn’t quite the freedom many would have wanted. There is oppression and fear everywhere, something that the main character represents.

This is a great idea for those who love wartime history. There are many ideas out about what could have happened if Germany won the Second World War, but Saidak gets her views and opinions across elegantly.

Like any book, there are mixed reactions from readers. That’s to be expected, as some people don’t like the directions taken or the writing style. Most people rate the book four or five stars, showing just how popular it is.

Alternate history books can make great Christmas gift ideas. They’re fun and entertaining, giving an author’s snapshot of what could have happened. These are two that I love to read—well, four if you count the Boleyn Trilogy as three books.

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