Alternate Universe/Reality

When a person decides that they want to write a story, there can be quite the fuss on various things. They can range from how characters look, act and even their other underlying features. Most of the time, all those features will be set out for you if you are writing fanfiction. The one thing you should actually be worrying about is your setting. The time, the place, what’s in the background.


Even while writing fanfiction, you should be able to choose what you want. Whether that means that you are going to be extensively researching the medieval times, or perhaps going so far into the future with a zombie apocalypse.


Whatever you decide, you are looking at what most writers would call an Alternate Universe or Reality. They are completely out of the standard, modern day world. Which means that as you write them, you are free to let your imagination roam. 


In my honest opinion, anyone who can actually write in an Alternate Universe or Reality within any of the fandoms that I enjoy, are absolutely stunning. Considering that I can’t write an Alternate Universe story without researching anything.


Through the Looking-Glass -- and the parallel ...

Through the Looking-Glass — and the parallel universe Alice found there (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, as you finish reading this post, I will leave you to formulate ideas on whether Alice in Wonderland is actually in an Alternate Universe or an Alternate Reality.

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