Amazing Colour for Your Balcony Planters

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Amazing colour for your balcony planters is easier than you think! If you have a balcony and want to add some real flower power to your space, it all depends on your point of view. And by point of view, I mean the direction your balcony is facing. Because this very important fact may make or break your balcony flower growing success. Buying flowers for balcony planters is a highly individualized prospect.

North, South. East or West

The very first step, before you buy the potted flowers for balcony rail planters and other containers, is to determine which direction your balcony faces and which rail gets the most and the least sun. This way you can ensure amazing colour for balcony planters that will last and be right for you.

The south and west side of  your balcony rail are usually the sunniest, however, ensure that on these two sides, your sun amount isn’t  hindered by tall trees or overhangs from other balconies, because that could change your sun dynamic.


Facing north is the least sunny and you may even have to resort to just coleus, if anything at all. East gets the morning sun so is good for all the shady spots below.

It may take a few sunny days of checking to determine the sunniest and the shadiest locations, but it is all worth it.



Amazing colour for your balcony planters

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Flowers for the sunniest spots

Once you’ve determined the sunniest spots, and if these spots have at least 4- 6 hours of sun, you can then choose some hearty, brightly coloured flowers. The old standbys seem to work the best and give you a good run for your money. These potted flowers will usually sport a little card that will state that they are great for full sun or part sun. (Part sun also means that they can tolerate the hottest midday sun).

For amazing colour for balcony planters, choose from:


  • brightly coloured geraniums
  • petunias,
  • vinca flowers,
  • million bells,
  • daisies  
  • verbena.

Dahlias love part to full sun and are gorgeous, big-head flowers that last long when in bloom.However, they don’t always have many blooms so it’s great to plant them in planters beside any of the above mentioned colourful flowers.

And if the rail or area gets a good amount of sun and midday sun, which almost always withers most plants, you can add portulaca, a flower that thrives in hot and dry conditions.

Shadier spots

You will need at least three to four hours of sun in a designated area for shade or even sun impatiens. This amount of sun will ensure a good amount of blooms. Sun impatiens really can’t take too much more sun than regular impatiens. Great shade annual flowers include

  • fuchsias
  • ivy
  • coleus
  • begonias
  • wishbone flowers
  • lobelia                                                                                                                                                                                              You can still have it made in the shade with bright salmons, hot pinks, bright yellows, and orange vibrant colour with these plants. 
Amazing colour for your balcony planters

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The shadiest spots may be okay for ivy and/or coleus but if there is no sun at all don’t even try.

Fuchsia flowers like cool locations and can get by with just a little sun. They are a bit pernickety, though and need lots of fertilizer.

All you need to do to keep your container garden healthy and provide amazing colour all summer long is a little TLC.

Water at least every other day, but every day, in hot weather. And buy an easy to apply fertilizer that you either shake on the soil or add to the water.

So, once you’ve discerned where you want to place your rail planters and balcony containers and which locations get what amount of sun, you’re ready to buy. There are many flowers that will give you amazing colour, but the ones mentioned are hearty, tried and true and are guaranteed to improve your point of view all summer long.

Do you love container planting? Any more points to add to this post?

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