Amazing Street Art Worldwide Artists

The World Over Artists Produce Amazing Street Art

There is no country in the world that does not have some level of amazing street art that can only be described as mind-blowing. This is taking place and being produced for public displayed every single day. This post has several examples of the best art found on the roadways and sides of buildings from various countries worldwide. Can you name the countries where these artists have put up excellent examples of their artistic ability?

YouTube Video – Art found on the Streets of the World 


3D street artI would love to have the ability to draw, better yet, to take a run down wall or building and turn it into a piece of artwork. This type of art takes imagination at the highest level.

Sometimes street art is only visible at specific times of the day, or night. Can you spot the example of tat relies on a shadow cast only at night?

The best street art is seen in Europe and South America with some notable exceptions appearing in large American cities. Expatriates are often able to find previously unknown examples and use the internet to bring that art on the street into worldwide visibility.


Street Art

New York Street Art


Street Art Lisbon

Street Art in Lisbon

Street Art Heidelberg Germany


All street art images from either author or Wikipedia

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