America: make your choice: Either pass new gun safety rules to save our children. Or pander to the NRA.

America: make your choice: Either pass new gun safety rules to protect our children. Or pander to the NRA.
Watching the Florida teenagers talk about their experience, you either feel empathy or it riles others to make it all about the 2nd amendment. It is about guns, AR-15’s in the hands of a mentally ill person. The NRA has such a grip on the GOP that already they are saying “Oh, let’s not just pass something that makes us feel good” TD’s words. I say I want the new gun safety rules so that these type of assault rifles don’t get into the hands of someone who is mentally ill.

Are some gun owners afraid that if they have a mental illness that their guns would be taken away? Well, they shouldn’t own guns. And men that abuse women shouldn’t be able to buy guns either.

My grandfather and father both served in the military but came home and never owned a gun. I’ve gone through my whole life not having a gun. We use our words and not pick up a gun when we get angry It’s about evolving, it’s about having empathy for these teenagers in Florida. Make your choice what side are you on.

The mid-term elections are coming up, make sure you vote for people who are willing to make it harder for someone with mental illness to buy an assault rifle. Stop being a part of the problem.

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