Israel: A Genocidal Scourge and Parasite on America

Palestinians Are Real People. With Real Human Rights.

“A land with no people for a people with no land.” That’s what zionists teach their kids about Israel.

So how does the lie account for five million Palestinian refugees, over a million of whom live in squalid camps?

Oh, sure. “There is no such thing as Palestine.” The Palestinian people beg to differ. Don’t they have a right to define their own national identity? Or does that job belong to their Israeli enemies?

Not only that, but it’s a red herring. The Israeli state has, and continues to, steal the land, homes, and future of

the original Arab inhabitants. And murder them outright. That is unjust regardless. I won’t dignify the “no such thing as Palestine argument” with another breath.

Few reasonable people would have a problem with a Jewish state, especially in the aftermath of eastern European pogroms and later persecution by the Nazis.

Yet, if the purpose of Israel were really as a refuge for Jewish people escaping persecution and wanting to express their Jewish identity freely, why not choose a land actually devoid of inhabitants? Out of the way of conflict? Pay for it fair and square?

(Israeli police arrest and brutalize a peaceful demonstrator. An American Jew sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. We are told Israel is a “free” country.)

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