An Exceptional Shopping Day

Tuesday this week was rather an exceptional day in many respects. The day started very warm and we decided that this was the day to go shopping for a winter coat for me although we were not very optimistic about finding one.

  • I cannot remember the last time I bought a new coat and visits to a main shopping area are few and far between. So this was a very welcome departure from our daily routine.
  • One of the reasons such outings are avoided is that it is often impossible to find anywhere to park. This time we found a new area not too far from the shops where we could pay to park for the whole of the day.
  • All the shops are boutique style so it is a question of striking lucky since there is not a great variety of stock to choose from. I found a light jacket which fitted well, but was not what I was looking for. My husband thought it looked really good and encouraged me to buy it. It was at a bargain price.
  • We stopped for coffee just at it began to pour with rain, quite unexpectedly, but it was very welcome after a long period of hot dry weather. We were not dressed for it, having left the house in t-shirts so my new jacket was instantly put to good use.
  • The few coats we found had not the slightest appeal and I decided that a jacket might be more practical in Greece where the winter hardly warrants a heavy coat. We decided that a leather jacket might be the best answer.
  • We returned to a shop where we had seen several leather jackets earlier but at that time we were looking for coats. When we returned an hour or so later we were offered a good discount which clinched the sale.

So I returned home a little footsore but with two coats instead of one. My husband had also been exceptional, having faced ordeal by shopping without complaining. He was also very generous, but that was not exceptional.

A personal photo of my leather jacket



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