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The world is waiting for vigilant investors, giving them time to make changes to their portfolios. Analysts start new hypotheses and new predictive models for current year and 2016. Generally speaking, almost all analysts dismiss the idea that there will be short-term loss realization, and this is especially true for the price of oil and energy-related sectors.

Reliable indicators about unemployment rate confirm that there is no evidence of a recession in the predictable future. Historical data suggest that the next recession must be moved forward at least two to three years. For vigilant investors who want to obtain a detailed trend analysis, I suggest they read what Jack l. Rivkin, Chief Investment Officer, writes in detail,

“I anticipate that the halo effect of deserved wider credit spreads in the energy sector produces opportunities to lock in some decent returns in the rest of the high yield and high grade corporate sectors. I believe the real money is made on the negative side of the credit markets.”

Source. Altegris. The Year Ahead . What to Expect in 2015 (And Beyond). Some Opportunities and Several Tail Risks.

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