Android App: Buzz Launcher Review

One of the things that make a mobile device look interesting in the launcher theme. Although I’m not one of those mobile who keep changing themes often, I have gone through that phase myself until I have found the one that satisfies me. The Buzz launcher has done that for me and it has been running on my phone more almost a year now. So far these are my observations.


Buzz launcher has thousands of unique themes uploaded by various users and are ready for download. The cool themes are unlike the generic ones you find on Buzz Launcherother launchers. You can even use different wallpaper themes for each page of your home screen.

Speed and Response

So far, this is among the fastest-loading themes I have installed despite the detailed graphics included in the theme I chose.


Most theme have pre-installed widgets chosen by the designer. Users can browse through thousands of themes and see if the packaged widgets and apps included suite their needs before deciding to install a theme. Some themes are designed for the business users, others for social purposes, while other for image freaks. All can be customized as needed.

Buzz launcher theme

There are other features which I don’t really use much such as the app drawer and the grid designs since I am satisfied with my current setup.

The Buzz Launcher is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for free. It works on devices running Android 4.0 and higher.












images are mine

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