Angels Coloring Pages Stained Glass Window

Angels Coloring Pictures Stained Glass Window

Angels Coloring Pictures

Beautiful Angels Coloring Pages 

Here are pages for Angels Coloring Pages in Stained Glass Window format. Tracing paper left after making stained windows is the origin of all coloring pages. These are some of Dover Books best coloring pages, in my opinion. These are also an example of how using coloring activity allows teachers and parents to introduce educational topics to their children and students.


Even until today the actual construction of a stained glass window uses tracing paper. Put together by hand the lead sections and stained glass pieces are laid to get a real look at the design. Only after the stained glass artist is satisfied with the result will production proceed. All this work must be done before the assembled lead and glass panel pieces undergo the installation process into a window frame. Thus the educational topic of history, religion and architecture are introduced simply by giving the child an activity that they usually already enjoy. If your child or yourself, enjoy coloring these Coloring Pages in Stained Glass Window Format check out the purchase prices Amazon has for Purchase of Coloring Pages With Angels.

Please remember that you can save these four free beautiful Coloring Pages of Angels in Stained Glass format to your own computer. Then you can print them out anytime you want for more coloring fun for your children or yourself.  When you want more of the same type of coloring pages just use the purchase link highlighted in the above paragraph. Eith click on the desired image to enlarge, or do a right click with your most to get an enlarged picture on a separate tab/page.

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All images from Dover Books and Amazon.

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