How To Be Annoying in World of Warcraft

Annoying in WoW


Things Not To Do in WoW…..or Any MMORPG !

Anyone who has ever played a MMORPG has run into people that are annoying. They say annoying things, they do annoying things or they don’t do things that they should. Now I am sure that some of these annoying things are done deliberately, either by people that are just jerks or they are trying to show off, or they are under the mistaken impression that they are acting “cool.” There is nothing I can do about these people, unfortunately, they are a cross we all have to bear in the MMOG world.

However, I believe that there are other people that are annoying purely out of social ignorance or the fact that they are new to the gaming world and they just don’t know that they things they are doing are faux pas. (meaning in bad taste, or annoying to others) These are the people that I dedicate this article to. This article outlines the dos and don’ts for World of Warcraft or really any online social game.

There are always people that are known to everyone as a idiots and pests ……..people that no one wants around. Don’t be that person ! Read this on and learn.


What Not To Do

1. Don’t stand on top of the quest giver, especially if you are on a large mount. It is very frustrating for others that are trying to get or turn in a quest and you are preventing them from being able to do so. You will not engender good feelings from your fellow players, if you do this.  This also goes for mailboxes.

2. Read the quest and try to do it yourself, before asking a guildie or people in general chat to help you. It is highly irritating for someone to constantly be wanting other people to practically do the quest for them. (tell them where they need to go, what they need to do, where to turn it in, etc.)

3. If you are positive that you cannot do the quest by yourself, ask a guildie to help you, or ask in general chat. If you ask people in your guild to help you, remember the next time someone in your guild needs help. What comes around, goes around.

4. While questing, don’t barge in front of others, to snatch up quest drops, kill monsters, or grab herbs or ore. If it is clear that someone has set their sites on something and they saw it before you did, let them have it.


1. Let the tank pull. Stay behind the tank.

2. Give the tank a few seconds to get aggro. Do not start blasting away and possibly pull aggro from the tank.

3. Stay in range of the healer and bandage if you can to help conserve healer mana.

4. Don’t insult the other players in party chat or call them names.

5. Don’t yell and place blame if you wipe. Nobody’s perfect.

6. Don’t lie about your experience in a dungeon, if you have not been there before, say so upfront.

7. If your group wipes, release and run back. DO NOT lay there and expect to be rezzed when everyone comes back.

8. Don’t roll need on any piece that is not your main spec and and upgrade from what you have. Ask before rolling on something for off spec.

Additional Don’ts for Raids

1. Always come prepared. Bring flasks, buff food or feasts and appropriate potions for your class. Don’t expect others to supply you.

2. Have Vent or Teamspeak working on your computer BEFORE you get to the raid.

3. Be quiet when the raid leader is talking, listen carefully to fight explanations, and do as you are told. Don’t argue that you know a better way to do it. If you really think you do, talk to him before or after the raid.

4. Don’t be distracting during fight explanations or while waiting for a fight to begin. (i.e. jumping around, repeatedly using emotes, running around on mounts, or just generally being annoying) Stay still and quiet and review your role in the upcoming battle.

5. Be quiet on voice during all fights, so if the raid leader needs to give directions he can be heard.

6. Accept the decision of the lootmaster. If you disagree, take it up with the leader in a private whisper.


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What Not To Do

1. Never, ever, ask for money in guild chat or whisper members of your guild asking for gold…..even a loan. This is totally offensive, and many guilds will kick you for doing it.

2. Don’t expect everyone to just drop what they are doing to come and help you, if you need it. If you are asking a favor, you are on their timetable, not yours. If you receive help from your guildies, make sure that you help them as well.

3. Don’t take too much out of the guild bank, even if they give you privileges. Always ask before you remove an epic from the guild bank.

4. Never sell anything you take from the guild bank, if you end up not using it, then put it back.

5. Try to contribute items to the guild bank, like mats, pots, gems, flasks, chants, etc.

6. Do not dominate guild chat with bragging about your toon, your gear, or your achievements. No one wants to hear that

7. Don’t harass the guild leaders for a promotion. When they feel your deserve it, they will give it to you.

8. Don’t join a guild just to take advantage of the fact that they are level 25 and have all the perks. If you don’t plan to contribute, then remain unguilded.

9. Don’t spam guild invitations to total strangers without whispering them first. Almost no one that is a person worth having will respond or join to a blind guild invitation. You may also give your guild a bad name by doing this.

What Not To Do

1. If you go to a battleground then take part in the fight. Don’t fish or hide to gain honor that you don’t deserve.

2. Don’t camp the opposite factions graveyard during the battle. It shows poor sportsmanship.

3. Don’t camp the bridge out of Tol Barad and kill people trying to get out, after the battle is over.

4. Don’t ignore people who are asking to be admitted to your group in Ashran.

Auction House

What Not To Do

1. Please don’t put 16 pages of the same (stackable) item in the Auction House, one piece at a time. It is annoying to have to scroll through page after page, and it is unnecessary.

2. Don’t drop the train. No one thinks that is funny anymore, no matter who tells you it is.

3. If you have noisy or flapping pets, Hunters, please dismiss them.  Don’t cast a spell over and over. Listening to both of these is very irritating.


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Chat Channels

What Not To Do

1. Don’t yell…….EVER. No one is interested in your inane chatter.

2. Do not spam. This means do not post the same thing over and over, no matter what it is.

3. Do not ask for offers for something you are selling, all this does is promote arguments. When you want to sell something, put the price in the ad, so people don’t have to whisper you and ask. I always get more responses when I state the price, sometimes people will bid against each other.

4. Don’t carry on personal or off color conversations in any public chat. Little kids play WoW and they don’t need to hear that.

5. Don’t lie to people who ask questions in general or trade chat. They may be new and really want to know the answer.

6. Don’t participate in any kind of gambling, it is again WoW’s terms of service.

7. Use the right channel for what you have to say. Don’t put “looking for a healer for HFC” in trade chat, or Guild advertisements in General chat. Bliz made separate channels for a reason, so please use the right one.

8. Don’t swear in public chat, it is so not “cool” and makes everyone think you are a 15 year old, trying to be grown-up. It is also against WoW terms of service and you can be reported to Blizzard for it.

9. Don’t be a Troll. (I don’t mean the Horde kind)


What Not To Do

1. Don’t steal other people’s stuff. If they saw the monster/herb/ore first, let them have it.

2. If you are high level, don’t go in and pull everything and kill it, if there are people there trying to quest, let them get their quest mobs first, or ask them if they want to group.

3. If someone is fighting monsters to get to a herb or node, Don’t run in and steal it while they are fighting.


What Not To Do

1. Don’t gank anyone 5 or more levels lower than yourself. (PVP Servers)

2. Don’t camp the body of an opponent you have killed. This is annoying and frustrating, not to mention a waste of time for both of you.

3.  Don’t spam trade chat with offers to duel anyone, anywhere because you are so great.

4.  Don’t publicly humiliate players you beat in a duel by talking about how terrible they are in public chat.

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