Answering the Job Interview Question that Stumps Everyone

“Can you tell me a little about yourself,” is the job interview question that stumps everyone. What does the hiring manager want to hear? Does she want to hear about your suburban lifestyle, your involvement in the PTA or your hobbies?

In fact, she does not. This opening salvo is little more than a common question in a job interview that seeks to ferret out just how you package and present yourself. In the typical business setting, your involvement in the PTA is of little value. What the interviewer wants to know is not of a personal nature but much more professional.

The right answer is a short – three to four sentences at the most – statement that touches on your key accomplishments in business and then transfers these experiences to the open position. Tell the manager what makes you the ideal candidate for the open job. Since by and large it is difficult for almost anyone to highlight personal accomplishments, answering this interview question takes preparation and practice.

Image credit: CC0 Image by nuggety247/Pixabay

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