Some Answers are Deeply Embedded

There’s a lot of problems in which need solutions some need instance solutions while others can wait. Not all matters will be rectified quickly. There may need to be some long thinking involved in order to find the best solutions. Some problems have to be dissected and may take long in order to find the most “effective” solution. There is no problem too great to bare. However having to deal with numerous problems at one time may feel as if there are weights upon one’s shoulder. 

Problems are like challenges. Some may think that ignoring certain matters will make the matters go away. Ignoring can sometimes create more “build up.” Not wanting to deal with certain matters is understandable but choosing to not deal with the matters isn’t wise. Allow some problems to linger on can cause further problematic events which will generate more stress. If there’s a lot of problems to deal with at one time then perhaps trying to find a solution one at a time which help. 

There shouldn’t be an overload, consuming” the mind” with too many matters can be dangerous for the mind, not allowing the mind to ponder on the positives won’t help with finding any solutions. No person can avoid going through problems and some will incur more problems than others. Some may have to face a lot of heartache before receiving a breakthrough. It’s certainly not easy having to deal with a lot of problems especially when they’re coming one after another. 

There are ways to manage though. Taking sometime out in order to “gather thoughts” will help clear the mind of negative thinking which can occur when having to deal with so much at one time. Some may choose to giggle their matters away but doing so won’t be a solution but could help produce calmness. There’s peace in knowing that somewhere there’s a solution. Of course some solutions are deeply embedded in places that are unseen. 

Some problems aren’t solved until years later. There are some matters which are heavy and need a lot of attention so therefore trying to solve the matters will take up a lot of time. Do not become discouraged when the solutions aren’t easily “discovered.” Not all problems are easy to fix. Some may feel frustrated when there doesn’t appear to be a solution. Some matters may need others to help with solving the matters. 

Some may have to relocate in order to “find a solution.” No matter how many problems arise. There should be ways to manage the stress which can be generated when having to deal with so many problems all at once. Perhaps communicating the problems with a friend or professional will help so that a mental breakdown is avoided. Not all problems aren’t meant for one person to solve. There may need to be a team effort in some cases. 

“Don’t Allow Problems to Hinder. Solutions can Take Sometime be Patient.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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