The Appendix Is Not Useless After All

For decades doctors made us believe before that the appendix has no function at all. It is just a leftover organ from the evolutionary process. They have a sophisticated term for it—“vestigial” organ. Many people believed before that there are around 180 useless organs in our body. The appendix is just one of them.

Modern science, however, has a totally different opinion today. The idea that there are 180 useless organs in our body has been debunked and proven false. They now say the very reverse. All those organs, each one of them, have a function after all. Whatever this mindless evolution is, it is very intelligent!

Take, for example, the appendix. The appendix is actually part of our immune system. It is actually a storehouse of good and beneficial bacteria. Due to certain factors, sometimes our bodies need to be replenished with good bacteria. And we get it from this organ.

Watch the video and learn more.

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