Apple, we have a problem

After technology legend and Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, many tech experts wondered if Apple would stay ahead of the curve.  With smartphones, the iPhone has remained the standard that the rest of the companies emulate.

However, the release of the Apple Watch came after their rival Samsung released the Samsung Gear watch that allows for users to use their watches as smartphones.

Unfortunately, being behind the curve is becoming a trend after the new Apple MacBook was released last month.  The MacBook runs great, but their is a huge functionality problem that was not addressed.

The MacBook only has one USB port!  Uh-oh!  That means that you cannot attach more than one peripheral unit at a time to the MacBook.

However, that problem has been solved by the people at Nonda with the Hub+.  The Hub+ has five USB ports so that you can attach all of your peripheral equipment while charging up your phone all at the same time.  Apple, step your game up!

You can now order your Hub+ for $79 (USD) over at Nonda’s Kickstarter campaign.

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