Are You Wearing Green?

Today is March 17th. In the USA, most people are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and in keeping with the holiday customs and traditions, folks should be wearing green. A green shamrock. A green leprechaun hat. A green dress. Green pants. Well I’m wearing green alright. Only it’s not “green” in a good way. I have a confession to make. I am so green with envy! Yes. Me. A Christian lady. Shame on me. Right?

But you don’t understand. My green envy can not be justified but it can be explained.

Do you pin? Isn’t it fun? Do you sometimes think or hope you can turn your hobby or collecting into a steady stream of income? Especially since you were allowed to convert your personal account into a free Pinterest business account. Have you ever earned money from your pinning? It hasn’t happened for me yet. But one can always hope. Most definitely going to continue on with Pinterest just recently heard a business news report that said the company which was launched in March 2010 is now worth $11 billion. Company owners sure must be celebrating – with our without St. Patty!!

0551To the point. My friend – a fellow freelance writer – wrote an article which has a fun recipe that I shared via Pinterest. That pin has been repinned over a thousand times! WHY?? Why couldn’t it be one of my articles? It’s a recipe for rice balls. Can you blame folks for re-pinning it?? Yes it’s a traditional Christmas recipe. But today is Saint Patrick’s Day and I needed something green to wear!  🙂

Arancini ~ Italian Rice Balls


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