Artists on Tumblr: Igor Amazonenco

Artists on Tumblr display some extremely amazing talent.  Igor Amazonenco is an artist who does ink portraits.

Tumblr is a fast-growing microblogging platform.  The Google Plus social network is gaining in numbers as well, and G+ communities and hangouts are all the rage. It’s exciting! Right? What is even more exciting is when you an unexpected treasure is found in both places!

Found an ink portrait artist on Tumblr, Igor Amazonenco, through a Google Plus community.

Igor Amazonenco - Google+Been active on Google Plus since the network was in it’s test phase.  Been active on Tumblr since 2012.  Both places are cool hangouts! Yes, Google+ has dibbs on the word “Hangout”. But it’s in the dictionary too!

According to Merriam-Webster it means “a place where a person spends a lot of time”. My Tumblr and Google Plus activity account for a huge percentage of my daily home business / work efforts.  Trying to marry this popular sharing and #blogging site ( #Tumblr ) with the gigantic social / business network ( #GooglePlus ) in order to get the most out of both of them is not easy! But doable.

Joined a Tumblr Google+ community; and in addition to sharing my blog post links there, it’s also my hunting ground – looking for Tumblr bloggers to follow. Whilst combing through the community posts, found a treasure!   “Portrait as a Gift” is an art blog published by Igor Amazonenco.  He shared a post in the community offering to do an ink portrait as a gift.

Look at mine!  Is this cool or what??


Ink Portrait 



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