Artists on Tumblr: Sayada Ramdial

Spotlight on Sayada Ramdial, one of the artists on Tumblr.

Sayada Ramdial is an incredibly gifted illustrator and graphic artist based in Trinidad and Tobago.

Started Tumblring in 2012.  Found this talented artist over a year ago.  The Tumblr blog – Sayada’s Illustrations and Such. – showcases wonderful watercolor paintings and illustrations.  Not being familiar with how the  #Tumblr microblogging platform worked, at the time, (i.e. the “follow, like and reblog” system), chose to share a nice piece of #art (image below) via #Pinterest to my ARTISTS I Fancy board. Rummaging through my pins today and rediscovered this lovely watercolor painting by Sayada.

This time, knew enough to revisit her blog, click the +Follow button, Like the post and Reblog it!

Isn’t it beautiful?  I am particularly fond of floral paintings. They calm me down.  She says these flowers are common where she lives.  🙂

water color




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