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As the parent of a teen with asperger’s, one of the things that has always mystified me is the obsessions she can develop. When she was very young, it was cats, then horses, then once she reached her teenage years, she moved on to things that I quite frankly didn’t understand. They were nothing bad, just unusual.

Like many with #aspergers, she’s very #intelligent and extremely creative. In many ways, it’s been a gift. She finds writing quite easy, and has even had a series of books #published. In other ways, it’s been harmful as it allowed her to weave a vivid fantasy life around these obsessions, to the point that she even “personalized” them.

It’s hard to explain how these #obsessions are unlike the ones many kids have with different subjects. They permeated every area of her life, to a point that they were all she wanted to talk about or even think about. She didn’t seem to be able to control her thoughts. It was quite disconcerting, as I didn’t understand it, but could see she was struggling. It even got to be #dangerous when the loss of one of contributed to her #depression. While they didn’t cause it, they were another “straw on the camel’s back”.

I was really worried, but the doctor who was treating her depression told me that this sort of thing is quite typical in people with asperger’s and while it’s usually not a #problem, it can develop into one when it starts to interfere with someone’s ability to function. This is what happened with our daughter.

This is one of the areas she’s been getting some help with. She’s learning how to use her tendency to develop obsessions in a positive way, and how to cope should she face the loss like that again.


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