My August Plan – Part 1

It is day one of my official plan for the month of August. I wrote a post (a few posts ago) saying that I had plans of writing 5 articles a day for my main source of income because I wanted to try to get my family’s finances on track. This last month was a huge struggle and I’m not really sure why. I guess we did go on a date night for our anniversary which isn’t something that has ever been part of the budget, so maybe that set us back – I’m not really sure. 

I’ve been awake since 1AM. My schedule is all kinds of backwards. I couldn’t explain my son’s sleeping schedule to you right now if I tried. Making things even more interesting, I woke up to a private client sending me an urgent order (he does this sometimes). He’d already ordered 20 blogs for the week. But, send an email ordering another 20 blogs and asking them to take priority/be done first. He even told me that I could send me another 20-30 if I wanted more. Maybe I just need to set my daily goal to $100 instead of 5 articles. I’d love to complete the blogs and still keep up with my 5 articles a day, but as long as I keep up with the monetary goal, I suppose that’s what matters.

Landed a New Social Media Gig

I’ve been being paid to leave comments on this Facebook page for a few weeks now. The owner of the page, however, is very bad at keeping track of comments. I’ve noticed some people end up getting skipped over on pay day because of it too. 

I sent the page owner an email and suggested that she consider hiring someone to keep track of comments for her because she was clearly too swamped managing the page and the blog to keep track of the comments as well. To my surprise? I got an email back asking how much I would charge to do it every week. 

I know she doesn’t have a lot of money and it might end up being a little more work than it is worth, but I told her I would be happy to do it for $50 a week. Told her that she could just pay me a flat fee of $50 a week and I’d still leave comments too. So, it worked out well for her.

I even helped her come up with a few ideas to make things run a little more smoothly for her blog. She has a cap of $25 a week because her Facebook page is one of those pages that posts a lot. (several times an hour some days) I also suggested that she stopped paying people who were leaving spammy comments “thanks for sharing” is pretty easy to copy and paste down a Facebook page. 

Things worked out pretty well and I even found a way that it doesn’t eat up too much of my time. I tend to be up around midnight-1AM anyway. So, I just wait until the day change and scroll through the page and tally up all the comments at one time. Based on how long it took me yesterday, I would say I’ll spend maybe 5 hours a week on this gig. So, getting paid $10 an hour isn’t that bad of a deal at all.

Finding More Time to Clean Too

I think any work at home momma would agree that house work tends to get put on the backburner. Your children come first (they always come first) and then your bills come second. Housework is at the bottom of the list because I need my child to be happy and I need my bills to be paid. Some days, I just don’t have anything left for housework. 

Right now, my husband is in a lot more pain than normal – so, he hasn’t been able to help much around the house. But, I think setting up this work schedule is going to give me a little more free time to get house work done. Today for example? I’ve written one blog post so far. Other than that, I’ve been cleaning up. My son has therapy at 2:30. So, I wanted to make sure the house was nice and clean before his therapist got here. 

Whew! 700 words! Thanks to anyone who took the time to read the thoughts on my mind right now!

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