My August Plan – Part 2

Today is day 2 of my August plan. Day one was a bit of a bust. End of the month rushing to make the rest of the rent money really wears you out. I had the added bonus of my son feeling a little under the weather. After a couple days of trying to juggle working and watching my son on next to nothing sleep wise, I just crashed. It was kind of nice to hear my husband acknowledge the fact that I never sleep! 

Anwho, it is just 1AM into the second day and I’ve already completed 4 more of the blogs for my private client. Means there’s only 36 more to get through. I also have plans of getting through another 5-10 of them today so I can ask him to send over another 20-30. Would top me off at $250 worth of work (which is money I’d be getting on Monday/Tuesday). Plan on giving about half of that to my husband to get some work done on the car and then putting the other half towards one of our bills. 

Here’s hoping today goes better. I got a decent amount of sleep I think, so I’m hoping things will go better. 

My August Plan – Part 1 

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