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Inside Out

So friends, I watched this movie this weekend after hearing so many good things about it. I mean the reviews were insane, people calling it one of the


Hello guys. So I have been watching this new hit Netflix series daredevil and I thought I would write about it. As it is a Marvel series so


Hello Friends, I am writing this post after a long time as I got disappointed with the new view counter and the enormous reductions in the number of

American Sniper

One of the most anticipated movie of the year, American Sniper released this weekend in United States and it’s going super strong at the box office. The Clint


Hello friends. The above title is the name of a movie which I just finished watching. This is a small and sweet film starring Jason Bateman. Recently I

Pearl Harbour

This is one of the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. I don’t understand why this movie didn’t get any good reviews from most of the general

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