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Insidious 3 Review Insidious 3 was a good prequel to sum up what happened with Elise before Insidious 1 and 2. It had nothing to do with the family we

It Follows movie review The directors of It Follows took the concept of a horror infused sexually transmitted disease that was done in Contracted and made it so much better. It

Accidental Love Buy DVDs and Blue Ray online at Family Video While Accidental Love may not have a huge international audience, it was a good movie to watch at

Walter Movie Review Walter Gary Benjamin (Andrew J. West) seems like your average guy until he tells you that you’re going to Hell in the most literal sense. When his

Nightcrawler Movie Review At first glance, Nightcrawler did not sound like it would be an interesting movie. The storyline is boring to read, and one would think that certain aspects

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