Investing in the Future of Children With Autism

When you are the parent of a child with autism or pretty much any other “special needs” kid, you can often find yourself having to pay for costly therapies and treatments. While it may be very difficult at times, you do your best to find some way to cover these costs.

For example, in my son’s case, he gets therapy at school and at home, but also through a private therapist at a cost of over $130/ hour. While we are lucky enough to have private insurance, it only covers up to $1000 per year, which is less than one #therapy appointment a month. After that, we are out of pocket. There is a publically funded system, but due to budgetary constraints and service availability, the wait times can be very long, sometimes years for an older child. While I can’t say for certain, I have a feeling that other children with #specialneeds face similar circumstances.

Why does it have to be this way? Why should an older child have to wait years for the help they need?

Of course, the simple answer is that there simply isn’t enough money to go around. Everybody wants their “bite at the apple”, and there is only so much for each. While on paper, that makes perfect rational and logical sense, in reality, what does this translate into?

A “special needs “ child, or any child for that matter, who does not receive the support they need while they are growing up because society feels they can’t afford to provide it may well end up costing much more in the long run. Providing enough funding to provide support services and other necessary items is an #investment in the #future, as it will allow each of these #children, when they grow up into adults, to make as much of a contribution to the world as they possibly can.

We have a #choice to make. Do we wish to spend a little bit more now or spend a lot more later?

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