Using a Computer Can Help Someone With Autism Express Themselves Much More Easily Than Using Speech


As the parent of three children, each day I find that I am pleasantly surprised by something they say or do that I didn’t expect. Today, it was something my son did.

My son is my youngest child, and he is #autistic. While he is verbal, his speech is often difficult to understand even though he’s had several years of speech therapy. He also finds it very difficult to verbalize his feelings, so a lot of the time I find myself using “educated guesses “ to try and figure out just what is going on in that active mind of his.

He is extremely interested in #computers, and can always be counted on to be experimenting with the junker #PC or #MacBook we have given him. We gave him a few tools and supplies to use as well and he was able to get them both working. He installed several different operating systems on both of them. I freely admit that nine times out of ten I have no idea what he’s doing, so I just let him have at it.

One thing he enjoys doing is sending me emails even though he’s just in the next room, and I am always a bit surprised at the difference in his ability to #communicate that way. He carefully types out his messages, and when I read them, they provide me with a much better insight into how he’s thinking and feeling. The first time I read one of his emails, I admit I was quite surprised as I didn’t realize he was able to articulate his feelings so well, since he didn’t do so when he spoke.

I’ve always felt bad for him, as he would get very frustrated by his lack of ability to let us know his thoughts and #feelings, but using the computer has given him a way of doing so that he really enjoys. He can tell us about his day, let us know how things are going in school, and if there is something bothering him, he can let it out without adding to his frustration. Of course, we still work with him and encourage him to talk as much as possible, but I’m glad he has found this outlet.

One thing that he has never done in his entire eleven and a half years is to say “I love you mom” to me. I know he does, but sometimes it makes me a bit sad that I never hear the words. Today changed that.

He sent me another email, telling me about what he had been doing, and at the end, he typed “I #love you mom”. While to him, it may have been stating the obvious and no big deal, but to me, it was wonderful to read.

I am a very happy mom right now.

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