How an iPad or Other Tablet Can Help a Child With Autism

If you have a child with autism or other some other special need that makes it difficult for them to speak, there are aps for both the iPad or Android devices that can make a big difference for both you and your child. They make it very simple for them to answer either “yes” or “no’ to your questions.

One such ap is SimplifiedTouch. It provides “yes” or no” answers on the touch screen so that your child can select the answer that best suits them. One even offers the option of either a happy or sad face instead of yes or no. Many children with autism are very interested in using tablets, androids and other hand held devices, and when that interest is combined with such simple to use functionality, the result is an ap that can make a big difference in both their life and yours. It will open up a whole new way to communicate and for them to let you know how they’re feeling.

These aps are easy to find on both iTunes and on Google Play (formerly the Android Market), and they are very inexpensive or you may even be able to find one that’s free for your #iPad or other tablet.

Speaking for myself and my youngest child, this ap proved to be one that got a lot of use. When my husband and I first downloaded it, our son was slightly verbal, but quite difficult to understand. He got frustrated, but the ap gave him a simple way to get through to us. Over time, his speech therapy began to make a difference, and he needed it less and less. He’s now talking more, and has “graduated” to using a #computer to type out the things he really wants us to know.

I would think that this sort of an ap could be very useful to anyone who has issues with speech, whatever the reason, so long as they have even limited use of their hands. I would recommend that you give it a try and see how it works for you and your child with #autism.




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