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NetworkedBlogs by Ninua is an extremely useful tool to automate sharing blog posts to your social media accounts. Once you publish a blog entry, the tool automatically shares the link to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

  Ever watch a cooking show and the chef (or cook) is explaining the dish preparation and tells you to use a ready-made ingredient from a box or a can. Then they follow it up by saying something like “It’s OK to get a little help sometimes”, as if they’re apologizing. Along the same lines, it’s OK to use an automated resource to help circulate your blog posts. One circulation tool that is incredibly helpful is called NetworkedBlogs. Ever use it?  I do and make no apologies for using it to automate sharing blog posts to my social media accounts.  Whether you have one blog or multiple blogs this feeder is fantastic!!!  You can use the free package or upgrade to the premium. Their tagline is: “Great Content Meets Great People”. NetworkedBlogs logoIt’s a 3 step process: Register-Verify-Syndicate.

  1. Blog registration is quick and easy. Supply the home Page and feed URL, categorize it, throw in a description.
  2. Verification (i.e. claiming your ownership as publisher) is recommended but not required.
  3. Syndication allows you to set up your posts so that once you hit the publish button at your blog, the posts automatically get published to your Facebook profile and/or pages and also to Twitter.

This is just what you can do with the free plan.  To date they boast over one million registered blogs.  Lots of satisfied users, but in my mind there could be more.  It’s an amazing tool.  If  you haven’t already, you should give it a try. – P.S. Their Customer Service reps are really nice, though to be honest there was rarely a need to contact them about a problem. Take it from a person who has been blogging a few years and has tried lots and lots of automation tools.  Need a little help?  NetworkedBlogs by Ninua gets a THUMBS UP!!     UPDATE: Well! It’s 2015 and NetworkedBlogs has made some changes that impacted the syndication and automated posting process. So much of the information provided above may no longer be the case. They have a tool called “Symphony” which they now use. Still recommend them.thumbs up   Looking for more home business tips.  This site is loaded! – making money online, how to drive traffic to blogs, traffic to blogs, get more blog traffic, how to get traffic to blogs      

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