Automated Responses

Some sites have automated response serving as a reject to writers who submit their work for publication.

It is very annoying, degrading and frustrating when one forwards their well thought and well researched articles only to be automatically rejected and given an automated response. How have some sites programmed their automated machines? After how many responses should they take the writer or author seriously? It is better when a certain writer is rejected to be told so straight on their faces rather than keep them on the fence with automated responses. If such is done then the authors will never ever bother you with their articles again.

How many articles has the machine programmed to decline before you can consent to the articles of the author? After one has submitted over ten articles, doesn’t the site realize that the author is a serious contender and wants his articles published? It is always better to sent back the draft with the necessary amendments to be done. When such is done then one has the motivation to move forward. You never approve of writers using automated response, do you? If you do not approve of such then why do you use the same on your would be customers and subscribers.
A certain writing site has let me down by rejecting my posts using automated response. The site administrators seem not to read the sent articles.

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