AYO Brings You The Sun

Ever notice how you feel more energized during the summer months and more “off” when its cold and grey outside? The body has an internal clock that regulates a person’s life (ie., the circadian rhythm) and doesn’t care for off-putting changes like changing time zones. That’s why “sunlight” lamps are such big hits for those experiencing winter days or locked inside windowless cubicles and offices all day. Some things, like the weather, you can’t change — but you CAN bring all the good things that come from being bathed in the blue light of the sun of a summer day. You just need the AYO wellness system.

The AYO is a “blue light” wearable using a scientifically proven solution — that of providing blue light with the right timing and intensity so also to make a person more able to get over jet lag, sleep better and function with more energy. To simplify, the AYO is emitting blue light (UV/IR free) that is being absorbed by the eyes and so works to positively affect the person’s internal “clock” even though the sun isn’t there to supply the light.

Putting the AYO on requires its internal battery having been charged first inside its special cold capsule-like container (it turns itself off once taken off and the frames folded). The capsule has a power bank that, once charged, can then be used to charge the AYO inside, even as it protects it for being carried around.. When the person wants to wear the AYO, it gets taken out of the capsule and put on.

While simple to put on and activate, not everything is up to you – the AYO is designed to track its user and create a profile based on the person’s lifestyle and sleep habits. This is done trough the integrated app (iOSAndroid). This personalized program takes its cue from you, and so strives to make the AYO function so as to satisfy those needs. There are programs to optimize energy, alertness, sleep rhythm and traveling (i.e., jet lag).

While the AYO’s design makes it viable for wearing while being physically active (because it’s not blasting the blue light directly into the eyes but “washing” over the eyes), it makes more sense to use it while seated or relaxing. Besides, it doesn’t have to be worn for hours at a time — you pull it out of the case, put it on and then tuck it away after as little as 20 minutes have passed. How long you want to wear it – – and where you want to wear it is up to you; the lightweight design is not onerous to have on (it’s kind of like having sunglasses on, although obviously it hugs the area above your eyes closer to the eyebrows than not). Obviously you need to keep your eyes open so the blue light can reach you, but you can be doing other things while this is going on, like reading a book or watching the TV.

The benefits of light therapy (or sun therapy if you prefer), as provided by AYO are many: helping you sleep better, adapt to new time zones/mitigate jet lag and revitalization can’t be underestimated. Nor can the price — the AYO retails for a very affordable $299.00.

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