Backmask (Exeter) horror movie review

Buy Exeter on DVD or Blue Ray at Family Video

Buy Exeter on DVD or Blue Ray at Family Video

The producers of Backmask did a good job of taking the typical concept of a possession movie and adding their own spin to it. It is a must watch, fast paced horror movie for the Halloween 2015 season. Backmask actually has several different names, with Exeter being its newest name. In the UK, the film was released as The Asylum.

Exeter. Is an abandoned mental institution with a sketchy past of torture at the hands of Father Conway. The building was burnt down at one point, possibly to destroy evidence. Now Father Conway has a teenager working for him, who throws a sex, alcohol, and drug infused party in the building. Not only do they anger the next door neighbor, they anger who, or what, remains at Exeter.

The movie’s pace is fast, and it flows well. Between the pace and YouTube exorcism mixed in with other paranormal elements, Backmask will keep the viewer’s interest throughout. The movie has a good element of suspense throughout, as it is not until the end that the viewer finds out just what is exactly going on. The movie ends with some nice bloody scenes for the grand finale.

The repeating sound effect reminded me of a sound over the speakers at a basketball game. But they did a good job of having the sound only at the suspenseful parts, just as it’s done at a basketball game, so it wasn’t annoying and awkward. The music during the ending credits of the movie will make people who like metal happy, as Quarantine played a huge part in the movie’s soundtrack.

It is time to start planning that Halloween 2015 movie list. See to it that Backmask is one of the movies on that list. Backmask, or Exeter, is now in theatres nationwide, and it can be viewed on video on demand.

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