Banksy Outdoes Himself with Dismaland

A few months ago I wrote a magazine article for Foxtail magazine highlighting Banksy’s career up until 2014.  In the article I make note that the acclaimed street artist has been fairly quiet since the summer of 2014 and prognosticated that he was probably working on something big.  Ladies and gentlemen I was right, and that something big was something even bigger than even I could have ever imagined. 

Though the exhibit is meant to be a dystopian parody of the most well known theme park in the world it really reminds me of another park which you would have probably never heard of unless you live in Aberdeen, SD called Storybook Land.  While Storybook land displays scenes from your favorite classic books and nursery rhymes, Dismaland displays scenes from your worst nightmares. 

Even though the entire Dismaland park is depressing, tragic, terrifying, and dirty just to name a few adjectives; there is still a certain beauty about it.  There is no arguing that Banksy is a brilliant artist and could possibly go down as the Van Gough of the  21st century with projects like this to prove it.  It is larger than life and a monument to the creative mind of the world’s most larger than life artist; a monument which could be around forever. 

Instead of trying to describe the macabre beauty of his work here are the pictures provided by This is Collosal.

I don’t care who you are, this is some of the most beautiful art that you have ever seen and I believe Bansky is the only human alive that can keep a generation who is glued to their screens interested in the thing we call art.  Some people may disagree with me, and they have the right to do that, no matter how wrong they are.  This newest display of Bansky prowess makes me super excited to see his next endeavor considering his next is always better than his last.  By the way, since you are dying to know my favorite scene is the bird lady.  Which one is yours?

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