The Battle Between Who’s the Best and who Will be First

Going back to the 90’s when life wasn’t as complex. The styles were different and the music seemed to have more meaning. The time when the big radios were stylish and the dances were on point. A time where so many MC’s would gather to battle. Of course there was more than battling there was something going on called, “beefing,” where MC’s, DJ’s, and “Rapper”s would compete to see who was the best at their craft and still today some continue to battle and have beefs. 

The beefing in today’s world is more intense. Some have even crossed lines by harming their competition and some causing death. Dr. King made reference to being first. How so many want to be first. Some are willing to go through great measures to be first, to win, and to be the very best. Of course everyone wants to be good at their craft some want “to be the best” in the world. Some are refusing to back down fro their dangerous tactics in order they’re the best at their craft. 

There’s competition everywhere. In the music business there’s a lot of competition. A lot of entertainers competing against one another. Some not realizing what it really takes to be the best. In order for a rapper to be the best or a lyricist to be the best the rappers must be original. A lot of music is duplication. What we’ve already heard before. “The lyrics, the beats, and the passion.” When the audience hears the same beats over and over they’ll begin to tune out and then move on to more original entertainers. 

Nothing wrong with sampling music but some artists continue to use the same music again and again. “The lyrics” must come from the heart. A rapper who expects to be the best at his or her craft must produce the right lyrics and the audience must hear the passion in the music. Any rapper or artist who loves their craft will do what it takes to make sure they’re putting out good quality music.

Some rap music is very difficult to understand. The work shouldn’t be hard “to understand” and being real makes a big difference. Not too many people are in tuned with anything fake. If the rapper isn’t who he or she say they are then the fans may not be pleased. Of course there will always be fans who will like an artist no matter what they’ve said or what they’ve done. 

It’s the passion in which so many are focused on. When a rapper raps about his or her life and about the struggle more can relate. There’s so many who continue to go through the struggle. When the fans are able to hear the pain, the struggle, and the passion. They’ll be more in tuned with the rapper or the artist. It all depends what the fans want. “Being original is important.” Every song shouldn’t be a duplication. There should be some original beats. If rappers are unable to produce the original then perhaps the rappers should consider collaborations with beat masters. 

Article Written by: Tanikka Paulk Pen Names: Tiki33, Teep11, T.Paulk. Paulk Tanikka, Paulk, ShaPaulk. ShaWilson. Summer (tanikkap). (Tanikka Paulk). (Paulk). Tanikka From Miami

Below are Three Rappers Both Instrumental and Lyrics. Be the Judge. 

The Order Does Mean the Rappers/ Lyricist are Considered to be Number 1. It’s the Fans who Have the say. 

Stan Eminem Instrumental

Stan Eminem Lyrics

Image result for Eminem

So Many Tears Tupac Shakur Instrumental

So Many Tears Tupac Shakur Instrumental  Clean Version

Image result for 2pac

One Mic Nas Instrumental

One Mic Nas Clean Version

Image result for Nas

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“Doesn’t Take a Fight to Prove Who’s the Best. The Work Will Tell it all.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

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