The Battling and the Not Giving up

We’ll find that we’ll have to come up against a lot of people who refuse to let up. Living a world where there’s so many injustices and there seems to be a lack of compassion. Each day may appear as if one is on the battlefield. It’s hard to imagine why so many are so cynical. No matter how many attacks directed at a person. The person should continue on. If others are trying to prevent movement that only means they’re aware of where a person is headed. 

To battle isn’t in a flesh sense. The battling must include the word. To be protected by the Armor. So many think on a level of trying to get others down. Not too many are willing to uplift. Doesn’t make sense for so many to work harder to come up against another instead of trying to prosper. That’s why encouraging self is important. There will always be some who aren’t in the position to treat others fairly. Being so deception causing a lot chaos. 

Not allowing others to live their lives. No privacy just a bunch of chaotic people. Evil does exist and the bible tells us what will occur in the days. Troubling times. So many will have to prove their identity again and again due to so many wanting to take away a person’s identity. Trying to destroy others. Not fair but no matter what there should be a reason to keep moving forward. 

Some simply give up because they had to face a lot of attacks. Not wanting to deal with certain situations and people. Not wanting to be criticized and heckled at. To be determined is key. To believe in self and to keep moving even when there’s a lot of resistance. Doesn’t matter if half the world is on the attack. Each person is given the equipment to conquer on. 

A lot lies will be told in order to try and take away whatever the persons are trying to achieve. There will be some who could care less about what they’re doing. Not wanting to see others rise up. They’ll try to hinder, distract, disrupt. Causing disconnections and coming up against the ones who are close to the ones trying to achieve. Some didn’t even try and can’t to see others trying. Making an attempt is better than not trying at all. 

There will be times when one will become irritated with dealing with such individuals. The destructive ones always on the prowl to try and cause setbacks for their prey. That’s basically what they’re doing. Always in another person’s business and trying to find a way to bring another down. Not paying any attention to their own living. 

“Not About What’s Said but What Does the Proof say?” By: Tanikka Paulk

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