Bear Mattress Makes Sleeping So Much Better

Bear Mattress

Nobody thinks about delivery services when getting a new mattress. But maybe that’s part of the reason why the Bear Mattress is so different: it comes inside a box that can be delivered by UPS. So right from the get-go it’s much easier to get the Bear Mattress home. But there’s got to be more and there is. So for all those who remember the days when a mattress was just something to lie on that got lumpy after a time, welcome to the 21st Century because the Bear mattress doesn’t live in the past.

So you get an assistant, move the box over to where it’s going to be put on a bed platform or box spring or slatted bed base or platform bed — you get the idea, it’s going to pretty much fit whatever you’ve got working, providing you pick the right size to match (i.e., getting a Twin/$500 or Twin XL/$650, Full/$750, Queen/$850, King or California King/$950ea). Open the box and remove the mattress and place it down and it’s ready for sheets and pillows and for a body to plop onto.

That’s the end of the physical work on your end, but just the beginning of the physical composition that makes up the Bear Mattress. Obviously it’s fire retardant, but instead of being sprayed to make it so, what’s used is a a woven fiber “sock” wrapped all around. Plenty more attention to safety too: no PBDE’s, formaldehyde, phthalates or mercury, lead or other heavy metals used, to putting out low emissions (VOCs) for indoor air quality results. In other words, it’s CertiPUR certified. That’s important because of all the time you’re going to be spending on it, is why. More time than in your car or that Lazy-boy.

So that’s all about what the Bear mattress doesn’t have. But since Bear Mattress says this is the mattress of choice for professional football players and golfers and athletes, what is found in the construction that can benefit us all? Start with four layers of premium foam layered together (graphite-gel infused) and which is designed to be many times cooler than conventional  memory foam mattresses. There’s also a responsive textile technology called Celliant — not a coating but a polyester fabric infused with natural fibers weaved into the cotton to create the mattress cover. Since Celliant has been clinically provide to increase oxygen levels and reduce pain as well as regulate body temperate and reduce stiffness, it could be called the world’s first “therapeutic fiber,” but more to the point is that it can be of aid to those lying down on it. And because the top layer is memory foam, the mattress better aligns with your body which could mean less “traveling” during your journey to slumberland (a boon for any companion sharing the bed) as well as better spinal alignment over the course of the night.

But all this talk is like looking at food and not eating it — it’s how the Bear mattress feels that counts. Turns out that it feels pretty good, with a  “springy” feel to it. No, not like a trampoline but more like the gentle motion of floating on your back in a still swimming pool. Obviously you don’t see any of the technologies in play, but you sure do feel a firm yet supple result as you shift positions to sit up to watch the TV or lie back to read the Sunday morning paper. Or spend the night sleeping.

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