Become a Veterinary Assistant Online – Great Career Choice if You Love Animals

If you love to be around animals and care for animals you should consider becoming a veterinary assistant online.  It is also a good career choice for people who love organization and working with people.  Veterinary assistants are the first people that pets and their humans come in contact with.  They need someone that is gentle and caring because both animal and owner may be distressed or anxious when they come in and the veterinary assistant can make the experience better for them.

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What are the Duties of a Veterinary Assistant?

When you take a veterinary assistant online course you will learn to do all the tasks necessary to be good at your job and to take care of pets and their people. 

Some of the duties you will be responsible for include:

  1. Greeting Pet Owners

Pet owners may feel worried or anxious if they are bringing in a beloved pet that is sick or hurt.  Even if they are just brining in a pet that needs a check up they may be anxious because many pets are not comfortable going to the vet.  An owner that is normally calm can become quite different when their pet is not comfortable or is distressed.  Your people skills will be critical during this part of your job.  You will need to be friendly and the way you communicate can determine how the owner feels about this visit.  Verbal communications will be a good skill to learn.

  1. Caring for pets

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The veterinary assistant is often the person that gets the pet settled before the doctor comes to see them.  They by also be responsible for grooming and feed the animals.  These small but important details can help animals feel more relaxed.  A soothing voice and gentle hands can go a long way.  You may also be required to administer medication or help the veterinarian in examinations.  It will be important that you understand medical terminology and are able to follow the doctor’s orders.  You will learn these things in a veterinary assistant online course and you will also learn how to handle the pets properly when you are helping the doctor or on your own.

  1. Caring for Animals Post-surgery

When animals come out of surgery, they especially need some tender loving care.  Surgery can be a very scary experience for an animal.  On top of needing to be gentle and soothing, you may also need to monitor their recovery and watch for any problems like bleeding stitches, fevers, or other complications.

There are courses that you can take in schools to become a veterinary office assistant but if you need the ability to study from home, work at your own pace, or continue to work as you learn, a veterinary assistant online course might be the best option for you.

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