Becoming a socially conscious shopper

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Like everyone else, you probably grab items off shelves without a second thought.

When looking for things you need, their social, economic and environmental impact are probably the last things on your mind.

Shopping, inconsequential as it seems, has far reaching and negative  effects. Being a socially conscious shopper is well worth the time and expense it takes.

The good news is that becoming a socially conscious shopper is not difficult, though it takes a little effort and research on your part. 

The first step is to become more educated about how manufacturers make products. Consciously avoid products if you discover that producers use inhumane methods to create them. Avoid bags that you realize are the products of child slaves.

Make companies accountable for their products. Fair trade practice bureaus in different countries tell consumers how manufacturers come up with their creations. One source is the Good Guide and Fair Trade practice in Canada. A wise consumer will verify the certifications that come with their goods.

Environment experts suggest buying second hand products. It is a way to save money and the environment as well.

Tap on the benefits of being a socially conscious shopper.

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