Best Bronzers for Your Skin Tone and Type

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 There’s nothing wrong with having a little light tan base to look healthy and ‘summer-y’, as long as we don’t overdue it and prematurely age and/or damage our skin.

A light tan does look sporty and attractive and gives us a little glow power. For this reason, bronzers are now all the rage, but it is daunting sometimes to find the one that will suit you and look natural.

If you want to find the best bronzers for your skin tone and type, consider these two main concepts:

Your Skin Tone

Basically there are two main skin types- cool or warm. Natural, ashy-dark, medium or blonde hair crowns those with a cool skin type. Warm, strawberry blondes, red-heads and auburn-haired people have a warm skin type. This makes a huge difference in which bronzers will suit which skin type.

If your skin type is cool, look for beige-pink hues in your bronzer, if your skin type is warm, you will best suit the beige-peach or even slightly golden shades.

Your Skin Type                                                                                  

Best Bronzers for your skin tone and type

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If you have an oily skin, try to stay away from too-shiny or sparkly bronzers.They can add an obvious shine that may make you look even more oily. Plus, shine accentuates, and may make areas, like cheeks, chins and eyelids bulge-out in photos. Not the best idea for your selfies.

However, you can have a very low sparkle count in the bronzer formula to give you a slight lift. Try it on your hand and decide. Also, oily skins should be sure their bronzer is either oil-free or non-comedogenic and will not clog their pores.

Dry or ageing skin needs a slight lift but at the same time you don’t want your skin to shine too much. *See- A word on shine (below)

Go for a light to medium sparkle, depending on your preference. M.A.C makeup is a professional line and understands what is needed for successful makeup.

Combination skin can get away with a little shine too, but stay away from putting any on the oilier T-zone and also be careful your new bronzer is non-comedogenic or oil-free.

A Word On Shine

In choosing a bronzer that is best for your skin tone and type, remember the ‘over-shine’ does not really go over well in real life. You may end up shining like a gold coin in the sun. Unless you’re only using a little of the sparkly/gold bronzer as a highlighter-leave it for the runway models. 

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