Best Food For Athletes- Boiled Green Bananas Recipes

Boiled Green Bananas Health Benefits & Nutrition- Porridge, Chips, Smoothies, Weight Loss

Boiled green bananas are enjoyed in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean for their many health and nutritional benefits. Boiled green bananas have many nutritional benefits for athletes and people who want to boost their overall performance or energy levels.

Boiled green bananas are a complex starch and for this reason, they are preferred to heavily processed carbohydrates such as flour in a diabetic diet.


Best Food For Athletes- Boiled Green Bananas Recipes

Best Food For Athletes- Boiled Green Bananas Recipes


Nutritional and Health Benefits of Boiled Green Bananas- a Good Source of Potassium For Athletes

Boiled green bananas are high in potassium. Incidentally, ripe bananas are also high in potassium so both the ripe and unripe fruit are good for athletes. Potassium helps individuals to maintain optimal blood pressure and keeps the heart functioning normally.

One banana can supply you with over 400mg of potassium. That’s comparable to supplements like these. If you are at risk for atherosclerosis you may want to consider including this food in your diet. Clinical research trials have shown that people who eat bananas can use it to lower their blood pressure over time.



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Boiled green bananas for athletic performance and weight loss

Boiled banana health benefits for athletes

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Boiled Green Bananas Porridge Recipe from Jamaica



Jamaican green banana porridge health benefits

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How To Cook Green Banana- Jamaican Cooking


Nutritional and Health Benefits of Boiled Green Bananas- A Good Source of Energy and Great Food for Diabetics

Diabetics who have boiled green bananas with breakfast, lunch or dinner can get energy from carbohydrates more slowly than they would if they ate toast, boiled dumplings made with wheat flour.

Since boiled green bananas take a longer time to be broken down than processed wheat flour products, you will not get the sudden spike in blood sugar that you would get by eating an equivalent weight of pasta, macaroni or boiled dumplings.



Jamaican green bananas benefits for athletes

Are green bananas good for diabetics?

Boiling green banana and health benefits


Nutritional and Health Benefits of Boiled Green Bananas- A Good Source of Fiber

Fiber is important in the diet of people of all ages. Bananas are a good source of fiber whether they are ripe or green.

However, having boiled green bananas is ideal if you do not like the sweet taste of ripened bananas or want to have bananas with meat or other sources of iron and protein, such as steamed kale or steamed callaloo.


Jamaican Callaloo With Green Bananas & Coconut Milk Recipe


Nutritional and Health Benefits of Boiled Green Bananas- Keep Your Cholesterol Low

Keeping LDL and HDL cholesterol levels balanced is not always easy with a modern diet. Some of the foods that we eat are good source of healthy cholesterol while others supply LDL cholesterol. Coconut oil is one of the healthy sources of good cholesterol. Similarly, green bananas serve as a good source of the following:

  • Sitosterol
  • Campesterol
  • Stigmasterol

These are sterols which all have a similar structure to bad cholesterol so they block the absorption of unhealthy LDL cholesterol in the body. You can check your cholesterol at home with this. Studies have shown that boiled green bananas may reduce bad cholesterol by as much as 30 percent.



Advantages of boiling green bananas

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Health benefits of Jamaican green bananas

Nutritional and Health Benefits of Boiled Green Bananas- Side Effects and Caution for People with Kidney Disease

Boiled green bananas are a good source of potassium and can be enjoyed with ackee and saltfish, liver, steak, curried chicken, malunggay and lots of other tasty vegetables and animal products.

However, people with kidney disease should not have boiled green bananas in excess precisely because they are a rich source of potassium. If you are at risk of kidney failure speak to your doctor about the best ways to have boiled green bananas.

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