What is the Best Humidifier for your home?

Best Humidifiers

Right now your eyes itch, your skin is dry and static electricity is everywhere and it can all be solved with a humidifier.  Now is the best time of the year to solve this problem as humidifiers are on sale as the winter season winds down.  There is no better time to get the best humidifier for your home and family.

Humidifiers 101

The air comfort level for human beings is in a humidity of 30 to 50 percent.  During the winter months with the heat on in your home the humidity can drop below 10% causing your eyes to dry out and itch, your skin to feel dry and cracked and your throat to be scratchy and sore.  These are all symptoms of low humidity and can be solved with a humidifier.

Room HumidifierWhat is the Best Humidifier for You?

The best humidifier for you is the one that works the best for your situation.  The best humidifier for your home is the one that is properly sized to the space it will be used in.

Humidifiers typically are designed to provide humidity for a certain limited area.  For example, the Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is designed for an area no larger than 250 square feet.  Therefore, this would be a good humidifier for bedrooms, which are usually smaller than 250 square feet.  The family room on the other hand may need a larger unit to keep it at the appropriate humidity level.  So you see the best humidifier depends on where you will be using it and the size of the space.

Now do not think that you need a humidifier in each room because you don’t.  I would suggest you humidify the bedrooms and family room or wherever your family spends a great deal of time.  By putting a humidifier in these rooms your family will derive the greatest benefit from the increased humidity.

Whole House HumidifierWhole House Humidifier

A few years ago my parents had a new furnace installed that included a whole house humidifier system that provides humidity through the whole house by way of the heating system.  Now I am in no way suggesting you install a furnace just to humidify your house, but there are whole house console humidifiers that do a large part of your house.

Best Humidifiers for You

As I said at the very beginning, what the best humidifier is for you, depends on your situation, your house, and your room sizes.

These is one thing for sure though, NOW is the best time to shop for the best humidifier for your family.


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