The best treatment ever for my frizzy hair

The best straightening treatment ever for my frizzy hair

My hair has always been frizzy, thick, dry and damaged for the past twenty years and I have been clueless as how to keep it looking good, but five months ago, I was introduced to the best treatment ever for my frizzy hair, and I am so thrilled with it, so want to tell everyone about it, in case you too have this same pet hate of frizzy hair.

The wonderful discovery for me was being advised by my new hairdresser to try a hair relaxant.  They have probably been around for many years, but I had never heard of them, and from what I was told by the hairdresser, I found that I was so eager to get it done that I booked in for six hours of treatment the next day.

I can only describe the experience as having a setting of super glue gently applied to my hair, then I had to sit for a long time whilst it set, then have it all washed out, then have my hair straightened with a steamer,  strand by strand for what seemed like hours.

The hairdresser was worth every penny, she was amazing, patient, and really worked hard at straightening my hair.  Her arm was aching after six hours of grooming my frizz but she felt it was worth it to see my delighted face and gorgeous hair after six hours of solid work.

I was told to use salt free shampoo and conditioner and to keep my hair thoroughly dry to ensure the straightness stays longer. So far, it is still straight after five months.  It is so long now, shines brightly and actually has some weight in it.

Pezibear / Pixabay

If you are wondering what to do with your hair, then if it was like mine, then I recommend you ask a good hairdresser about relaxing your hair.  It was quite expensive, but it was well worth every penny, and I wish that I had known of it years ago.

Have you had this treatment? 

Pictures by Pezibear/Pixabay & loggerwiggler/pixabay



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