The Best Ways to Have a Splendid day

There will be some days where more is going on but no day as to be riddled with unhappiness and discouragement. The best way to have a great day is to avoid the toxicities. That’s right. The ones who are waiting to just spoil a person’s day. Having positive thoughts is important and engaging in enjoyable activities. “Prevent focusing on the negatives.” If there are problems then ease the mind with taking a break from the areas which incur disturbances. Yes, there will be unpredictable situations which can cause some irritation, but there are many ways to bounce right back. 

Smiling helps. There has to be ways to create positive thoughts. “Positive thinking allows more productivity and a healthy mind.” Too many thoughts and stress is generated. Being surrounded by dysfunctions isn’t healthy and can cause delays in progress. The best thing to do is to try and be happy. Even when it appears as if there’s a lot of problems invading a person’s life. There should still be ways to stay mentally healthy. Consider having positive communications with friends or family. 

Taking breaks from projects and whatever one is working on is necessary. No person should overwork him or herself. There has to be some downtime. Listening to music is a great way to be happy and uplifted. Try not to dwell on the things which cause upsets. If staying clear from certain individuals creates calmness then do so. There’s no rule which states that we’re having to keep company with certain individuals. 

Do what’s necessary to stay “uplifted.” There are some situations which we’re unable to control and at times there may be emotions which include sadness. Quickly get back on track. Avoid allowing people to cause confusion. If some are wanting to create a scene then spend less time in such areas of avoid the areas altogether if possible. Don’t let the days be wasted by dwelling on what isn’t controllable. We’re certainly unable to control what some will say or do. 

Think joyfulness and engage in the positives. No person will always be positive but there should be attempts to at least try to be as positive as one can be. Enjoy living. A lot of time is wasting by focusing on things which add no value and aren’t able to” produce excelling.” Taking time to meditate helps. Time of reflection. Allowing some time to just enjoy nature or other surroundings. 

Having good days depends on “the thoughts.” If there’s negative thinking going on then the days will be filled with negativity. Negativity causing declines in moods. One will become moody when being surrounded by negativity.  So it’s best to find the areas in which enjoyment is generated. Time passes by quickly and there’s no need to take up time in negative environments and negative people. 

“There’s a Song two Songs Called “Don’t Worry be Happy” Just Listen to the Sounds and Enjoy!” 

“That’s Right at Least try to be Happy and Enjoy Living.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Booby McFerrin “Don’t Worry be Happy”

Bob Marley “Don’t Worry be Happy” Lyrics are Attributed to Bob Marley

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