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Infidelity destroys Dave Mitchell’s family when an affair that he had with his secretary resulting with ending up with child. Dave has time again prayed to our father for forgiveness, but this is not the end to the problems this is just the beginning. Madeline his wife resists to see him again, she does not forgive him or his mistress, she feels it was distasteful and inconsiderate and most of all it destroyed their family. During divorce court, disturbing images and thoughts were racing through Madeline’s mind, she was in no mood. This court appearance was per their family business it has been a nasty battle. Nevertheless, Madeline wanted it all, and unfortunately, she wanted more than Dave was able to provide. Madeline was eager to proceed and get what she wanted.



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Photo by Amazon


Finally, the case is finalized Dave signs and emphasizes for no recall with the effort to move on with his life. He realizes it is real, his family is gone, but keeps the hope and faith that God will provide answers for him. He asks Sherry to marry him with ease to moving on with his life.


Madeline is in ratchet mode after finding out about his proposal to the woman that destroyed their family. Madeline was raged and revengeful and was determined to do anything to destroy their lives. But unfortunately, Madeline and Dave’s children are the ones that suffering. Sadly, a crisis appears and Madeline consisted on playing the “It Wasn’t Me Game” and did not want to step up for the drama she caused.


Overall, this was an excellent page –turner. From my point of the view I just have to say even though Dave was wrong for cheating, Madeline should have handled the situation in a different manner… I know it hurts, because most women have experienced their boyfriend or husband cheating on them but you have to be strong and keep classy. In some cases you should never let him know it is affecting you. In other words, in the inside, it hurts but don’t you dear show it on the outside. You should handle your issues accordingly because no one is perfect.


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Betrayed Book Cover Betrayed
Drama & Suspense
Patricia Haley
May 1, 2013
Kindle Edition - Hardcover And Paperback Also Available

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