Better Cleaning With The Smartclean Vision.5 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Those who wear eyeglasses know that invariably they’ll need to be cleaned. And as a byproduct, the chances of their getting scratched are huge — be that from wiping them off on a T-shirt or (horrors!) using a paper towel. Safe cleaning also necessitates spraying them first with some obnoxious cleaning fluid that’s never around when needed, so what to do? The “to do” is to use the Smartclean Vision.5 Ultrasonic Cleaner.

The Smartclean Vision.5 uses plain water (distilled is best) and a cavitation shockwave (i.e., bubbles/vibrations) to do a better job. Designed like a tiny lunchbox, with lifting lid, its metal interior has an inviting soft rubberized exterior. You place it on a level surface and pour in to the “fill” line with water. Then you place in the glasses (sunglasses work too, obviously) and close the lid. Plug in the AC power supply and note the green light that there’s power. Press the “On/Off” button and you’ll hear the humming as it does its job. After a minute or so, turn it off and raise the lid and remove the glasses. Now wipe them off with a soft, lintless cloth and they’re ready to wear. You also might want to note that the water has some gunk in it now — guess where that came from?

Cleaning the Smartclean afterwards just requires pouring out the water and refilling and then swirling around and emptying it out — you never pour water directly into it from a faucet because it has electronics inside. Dry it out with a paper towel and leave it with lid open to air-dry. Or use it again right away instead.

But does that make this ultrasonic cleaner useless to those who don’t wear glasses? Nope — this type of cleaning works just as well on other things. Take jewelry for example. While portable, the Smartclean’s usable dimensions of 173 x 82 x45mm (6.8 x 3.2 x 1.7 inches) are big enough for small items, although there are some restrictions due to the vibrations having an undue effect. Taking off an old gold ring with depressions that have long fallen to dirt from years of wear and running it through the Smartclean for 2 minutes; not only was there lots of that “crud” now lying in the water, but it was obvious that the gold now shone through where it was covered up before. And obviously jewelry that hasn’t been so mistreated will clean up even nicer.

Jewelry isn’t the end of it either because other uses abound. Dentures are another good example, especially since regular cleaning is a must, and even disposable razor blades (the type that are removable from the razor) can benefit. Heck, if the Smartclean was human-sized, maybe we could dispense with showers and really vibrate our way to a cleaner skin (joking).

With a choice of colors (Navy Blue, Sharp Red, Light Green, Sky Blue), the Smartclean Vision.5 Ultrasonic Cleaner is simple to use but even more important, it does what it’s supposed to do efficiently and effectively because it gets past the surface for cleaning. That’s certainly worth a retail cost of $88.00.

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