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Basketball builds character. It teaches one how to be apart of a team, it encourages growth, and it also encourages hard work. Well, can anyone say that Dwyane “Wade County” Wade isn’t a hard worker, no not one? Dwyane Wade entered the NBA league as a 2003 fifth pick. He offers the Miami Heat something beyond dribbling a ball or to “post up.” Wade is special, he doesn’t just think of himself. Wade has no problem moving over to make room for other skilled players. He has no problem taking a pay cut in order to help build the team. That says a lot about his character. The 6ft 4in 220lb man is amazing, he’s “super.” When an NBA player or any other basketball player goes beyond their craft, they should be recognized, and receive an applause. 

Wade’s Organization

Dwyane Wade has an organization called Wade’s World Foundation. This organization provides assistance to education, health, and assists with at-risk children’s social development skills. Wade’s World was created so that Dwyane Wade would have the opportunity to help communities that need services and support. Wade is a blessing to communities and to so many groups of people. Dwyane Wade demonstrates class on and off the court. 

Wade Takes Time out to Engage with Others

Wade takes time to engage with people not only in the South Florida communities but in other communities as well. I remember some years back when Wade and his sister took the time to go to the movies with a group of children from the Coconut Grove community. He provided refreshments for the children. That was an exciting time. My children were also included in the special event. I say, “Thank you Dwyane Wade,” you’re a special NBA player. 



Wade Giving back


Dwyane Wade is classified in my opinion as a character builder, team specialist, and caring community leader. I would also like to add other basketball leaders. You have to give credit to those former basketball players, whether in the NBA, high school, or etc. Thank you for your continuous contributions. You’re continuing to change so many lives. 

 1. Robert Doctor: South Miami Senior High School Boys Basketball Head Coach. He’s a dedicated basketballcoach who cares about his players and his community.

Video of South Miami vs. Columbus


Basketball is more than a game, it’s about life, it’s about foundation. “Utilize the skills you’re blessed with and teach others what you’ve learned.”



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