Biggest Loser-Reality TV?

Do you watch reality TV shows? I watch 1 TV show that is considered a reality TV show, The Biggest Loser.

One of my favorite TV shows to watch for a number of years was Biggest Loser. When I started my weight loss journey was around the same time the show started. I had just started my journey and remember looking at the first show while realizing that I had a higher percentage of body fat than any the women that they were slamming for being so obese.

And the show the Biggest Loser was the hot topic of the day.  Water Coolers were burning up almost everywhere in America or so it seemed.

  • Did you see how fat those women were who got on The Biggest Loser?
  • How could they let themselves get that big?
  • All they have to do is stop eating so much
  • I wonder how much they get to eat at the ranch
  • I wonder what they get to eat. Probably nothing but salads were some common thoughts and comments.

At times people got quiet after they realized that they weren’t just talking about the people on the TV show, but they were also talking about people like me. Times were tough for many heavy people then. There were lots of comments about how so and so should go on the Biggest Loser TV Show. You were the butt of the Biggest Loser jokes.

I bought some Biggest Loser DVDs trying to jump on the bandwagon.  The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max

Through the years the Biggest Loser Show changed, sometimes through different players and sometimes through the producer’s wishes. Clothing changed some and the scales changed. Foreign spin-offs happened.

I found at one time or another whole chunks of Season 7 of Australia’s Biggest Loser Series on YouTube and watched it. It was different from the American Biggest Loser. Some of it I liked and some I didn’t.

What I have found I enjoy is certain people’s personalities, the little quirks that show through and I see if they are available through FaceBook or other social media and see if they are still the same and are still helping others. Two people I follow or try to follow are:

  1. Lydia Hantke from Biggest Loser Australia Season 7
  2. Courtney Crozier Biggest Loser Season 11 in the US version.  

I found it interesting how different the two countries series were. The Australian series has a trainer that goes by the name of “Commando” that just cracked me up with laughter.

Some people from The Biggest Loser Shows seem to choose a public life and others go back and try to take what they have learned and integrate it into an everyday life. When someone takes what they have learned back and use it in an everyday life. Lydia is a personal trainer in Tasmania and Courtney is raking in products to test to let people know if she thinks they are good or not and getting ready to get married.

I learned attitude wise from the Biggest Loser that when one is ready or when one forces oneself to be ready that one will lose weight. And from watching so many regain their weight I have learned to try to deal with some of the emotional issues along the way.

So The Biggest Loser has beena great tv show for me. I sit down with a season’s worth of shows when it is on Netflix now so I haven’t seen this year’s Biggest Loser series yet. I am getting excited waiting to watch it.

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