Bike Bar + Sounds, Sights and Beer = Fun and Experience

There are lots of activities you can enjoy as a group, but most of them have become too common some of them don’t bring the same spark and excitement anymore. If there’s a new group activity in the market today like the bike bar tour, that will be worth trying.


One such activity is bike bar touring. It is a new concept in which a group of at least eight and a maximum of 16 take a cruise around the city not on a car or train but a bike bar. It’s a bar on wheels which is mounted with bike pedals and propelled by its own passengers. It is manned by a driver who also serves as tour guide at the same time. Some bike bar operators allow passengers to bring beer on board while they are taken to places including different bars as stop-overs.


Exercise, Fun and Beer


Drinking beer with good friends and telling hilarious stories while pedaling through the winding streets of your favorite city is an experience to treasure. It’s not just a fun way to de-stress, see sights and work as a team. It is also a good exercise that helps to keep your heart, limbs and muscles in shape.


The bike bar is becoming more popular in America. It is a concept that can satisfy the search of individuals who are looking for a different and exciting group activity. It promises not just fun but a sustainable, eco-friendly way to discover a city and stopping-over at major sights and bars.


A New Way of Bonding Experience


Riding a pedal-powered bike bar can deliver a different type of fun and experience. Birthday celebrations, bachelor parties or team-building activities bring more fun and excitement especially if they are done in a different yet special way like doing it in a bike bar. Most bile bars are equipped with sound system and party lights to set your mood to a really enjoyable trip.


If you are looking for a new way to unwind or spend fun time with friends or family, you should give bike bar touring a try. It is an innovative idea made real by fun-loving entrepreneurs like the bicycle bar Houston enthusiasts. Their bar-on-wheels takes passengers around town with their own energy, making them sweat a lot but enjoying the ride that is filled with exciting sights, music, beer, jokes and company of friends.


If you want to host a celebration such as a bachelor party, birthday, anniversary, a team building event or simply a night out with friends, why don’t you try something different just for fun and excitement? We are all aware of what’s going to happen on typical celebrations and parties, but with a  bike bar tour, things can be more exciting and memorable. A bike tour on one of these occasions can be one of the most unforgettable bonding adventures you can ever experience. You should try it now.


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