Bills, Bills and More Bills

A couple of months ago, my daughter got sick.  At first is seemed like she just had a cold.  It lasted a couple of days and then she started complaining that it was hard to breathe, so one Sunday morning we took her to the local urgent care.  First mistake.

They ran some tests and took some x-rays of her chest but did not give a diagnosis.  Instead they sent us to her regular doctor.  When we went there the x-rays didn’t get sent right so we had to do it all over again.  This time the doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia.  We left with a bunch of prescriptions for medicine and had to schedule a follow up visit for later.

About 3 weeks later she was still having a hard time breathing at the follow up visit.  We did more x-rays and the lungs looked better, only she still couldn’t breathe.  This worried the doctor so she sent her over to the children’s hospital.  Again more x-rays and tests, and again no real results.  The outlook was also getting a little negative.  By this time she was taking 3 different inhalers for over 46 puffs a day. 

Medical X-rays

Medical X-rays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The pulmonary specialist at the hospital then sent us over to the Asthma clinic where there were 3 other pulmonary specialists.  Again more tests, but this time she passed….. barely.  Since then she’s been feeling better.  We never did really get to the bottom of the issue.  The last doctors are convinced it was some type of Asthma flare up, but not for sure.

Now that all of the dust settled though we are starting to get all of the bills.  Ouch!  They just keep on coming.  We are doing the best we can to pay them as they arrive, but it’s tough.  I guess one good thing though is that we can pay them with my wife’s Disney rewards card and earn some Disney rewards with the money we have to spend. 

Well I guess there are really two good things.  My daughter seems to be healthy now too.  She gave us a good scare during those few months.

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