Bizarre Foods

Have you seen or eaten bizarre foods? I have seen some but never had the appetite to eat one. Bizarre foods give me goose pimples that make me run to the  rest room. Eating  live and kicking animals on a plate is disgusting!

Some people in China, Middle East, Africa and India do eat food made of cats, dogs, rats and snakes.  I do watch the Chinese eat live worms on television.

Bugs are a delicacy in some Asian countries especially chicken fried bugs which are considered as crunchy and tasty.

In Mexico some of their dishes are prepared with dead worms inside alcoholic beverages. Some people eat alligators, they say it’s good – not me.

Would you try kopi luwak or civet coffee. This is the beans of coffee berries excreted by Asian Palm Civet. I’m so glad I don’t drink coffee!

Now some people have a strong stomach, they eat octopus because they think it’s slippery, delicious  and buttery. I think they’re slimy,ugly and unpleasant animals.

Did you read the recent news, a Chinese chef got bitten by the head of a dead snake he was about to cook! Very bizarre!


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