Blind Guides

A guide for the blind shouldn’t have dim eyesight. There is serious danger when dim eyes seek to guide the blind.

There was a young farmer who inherited his wealth from his farmer father. The young man bought a new car and furnished it very well. The car was beautiful to see. However, he had little practice in driving it. When his friend from the city learned of the new car and came for a visit. Seeing the car he asked his farmer friend to take him for a drive but the car owner friend confessed he was not yet skilled in the art of driving having had only two lessons. The visiting friend told him he was skilled in driving in the city.

The young farmer was convinced and brought him the keys. His friend invited him to enter the car. They entered. When his friend started the car and pressed the accelerator as hard as he could. The car rushed with great speed into the next house breaking the walls which fell on two children, the children died immediately. His friend also died three days later after being hospitalized.. The car owner had his right leg amputated.

The Pharisees were experts at telling people every detail of their they transgressed the law of Moses. Alas they couldn’t apply the law of love and compassion. JESUS CHRIST called them blind guides.

Is your evaluation of others based on law or love?

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