How To Fight Procrastination: The Bloggers Worst Enemy

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The number one time enemy of bloggers is procrastination. We’ve all had things where we procrastinated and then thought we should have done this earlier. You need to fight procrastination to become happy with what you are doing.

Even pro-bloggers suffer from this time robber every now and then. However; we have assembled some tips to help you stop procrastination for you, so keep reading.

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Top 10 tips to fight procrastination

Here are 10 tips we have assembled for you to help you beat procrastination.

  1. Make a schedule. Write every day and schedule the time you write. Sticking to the schedule helps keep procrastination and writers block from disrupting your work. Scheduling helps you make sure that you get items done as well.
  2. Effective time management will also help prevent procrastination. It will also allow you to improve the quality of work and avoid stress. Stress can be a major issue and cause other problems besides procrastination.
  3. Break your tasks in this case your blogging down into more basic steps that are more manageable. As an example you want to write a blog post on eating better; break it down into different groups of food such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, and so on. This helps you to finish the smaller parts and wrap them together into a larger blog post.
  4. Organization is a must. If you are not organized you easily miss things not just at work but in your personal life as well. It is essential to organize yourself and stick to it. When it comes to blogging; organize by having research ready, outline, and then start your writing.
  5. Motivation is another important factor but how can you get motivated? Start thinking about how your post is going to benefit your readers. Will it help fix a problem? Will it save them time in doing a normal activity? These are things that will make a difference to your readers and things they will want to know.
  6. Keep a notebook or list of ideas that come to you. This creativity will help you later when you are deciding what to write about next. Times when you feel like your mind won’t come up with something to write on pull out your idea list.
  7. Do not fear mistakes or failure, if you fear mistakes it can and will cripple your creative side. Let go of the fear not of deadlines but of making a mistake or failing. Fear itself can keep us stuck in a rut where we do not even try, that is a huge mistake. Move forward even if you are slightly scared; the point is you are moving and if you make a mistake you learn from that mistake.
  8. Write where you are comfortable just make sure it is someplace with few distractions. An example would be if you are a people watcher writing at the local coffee shop is probably not the best place for you to write. Find some place quiet, turn the phone ringer down, and keep the television off or the music low. While many can concentrate and filter these things out it is best to not have to filter just write. Any distractions could be the one that causes you to procrastinate and miss your deadline.
  9. Use a ritual especially when it comes to blogging. Using rituals can help your brain know it is time to work. Whatever works to help get that signal to your brain; be it a cup of tea or coffee, lighting a candle, doing some back stretches, or even turning down the volume on the phone ringer. As long as you do it every single time you sit to down to write it is a ritual that will help your brain recognize that it is work time.
  10. Be both realistic and accountable. You need to be realistic with goals and estimates as well as being accountable if you reach them or not. If you miss your deadline then you are accountable, if you make the deadline you are the one accountable for that success. Whether it is success or failure you are accountable for the results.

Those are the top ten ways to help get past procrastination. Here are a couple bonus tips for you as well.

  • Create a check list or to do list and cross off each one as it is done. This helps create confidence in yourself that you can reach goals and make deadlines.
  • Make sure you understand your choices. Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to make the choice to do the things we need to do. It is best to find a way to give it personal meaning for yourself. By giving it meaning for yourself you are more likely to get it done.
  • Every now and then you need to give yourself a reward for completing the project. I know that sounds like a bribe and yes it is; but it can be effective. Find something that is inexpensive and promise yourself that when the project is over you will give it to yourself. Something such as a trip to Starbucks for coffee instead of making Folgers at home.
  • And if you had that hard times, when your muse is out for a break, use custom writing service, to have that content flow you need, untile you’ll start writing again. But this is not a choice you actually want to make.


Now that you know how to prevent procrastination; just like that you can get yourself motivated and get through it.

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